Rev. Ken Green – Senior Pastor

Luke 11:28 [Jesus] replied, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.” (my confirmation verse)

Quick facts:

• At Prince of Peace (PoP) since November, 2013.

• Proud father of 5 (2 boys and 3 girls, ages 20 down to 5)

• I count myself blessed to be married to Peg, my wife of 24+ years. She and my children are the best things that have happened to me in this life.

• I grew up in Indiana. Went to school in Michigan and St. Louis.

• I am back in Florida after serving as Associate Pastor at a vibrant congregation in Springfield, Virginia, for 10 years. Before that I was in Delray Beach, Florida (1994-2003), and I did my internship (“Vicarage”) in Stuart, Florida (1992-93).

• sometimes goes by the nickname “PK” around Prince of Peace

• avid Miami Heat fan (sorry Magic fans…my loyalty stretches way back to the first Miami game I attended in 1993)

My faith story:

The story of God’s work in my life takes some twists and turns that perhaps some of you can relate to. I was baptized as an infant and grew up going to Sunday school…for a time. But then other priorities became important in my family while growing up, and (I would say) we began to drift somewhat. Literally. As we would spend most weekends on our boat on Lake Michigan. (Great memories, to be sure.) I don’t think I ever considered myself to be far away from God, but my faith certainly wasn’t central to my life for a number of years there.

My mom felt obligated to put me through Confirmation (beginning in 7th grade). I felt obligated to go. In 8th grade, my parents divorced, and my sister and I moved with my mom to a different part of Indiana.

It was a painful time, and a time of adjustment, but God had a plan. Separated from some of the negative influences in Northern Indiana, God put people in my life who had deep faith and personal relationships with Jesus. A good friend, a faithful pastor, and our youth worker (a D.C.E.) all took an interest in me, prayed for me, and shared God’s love with me. That changed everything for me! I went from a foul-mouthed, jaded kid to experiencing the power of God’s love and the miracle of seeing Him at work in my life. On the day I was confirmed, I ran up to the D.C.E. and declared: “My life will never be the same.” And, it never was.

I have a passion to help people experience the same power of God in their lives, to connect people with Jesus–the most unique person (true God–true man) to walk this earth, and to walk with them through challenging times of life where they can experience God’s grace in new and life-changing ways.

Additional Ministry passions:

• Helping people discover the gifts God has given them, and then connecting those gifts with opportunities to see God at work.

• I love the concept of “Missional Communities” – God’s work is not done “at the church,” but wherever we–the people of the Living God–are found. We bear His presence, and He works through each of us (inasmuch as we are available to Him) to work miracles in people’s lives. It is really that simple–and that profound! (see to learn more)

• Personally, I understand my purpose in this world as bringing God’s blessings to whomever I meet. What do you think would happen if all Christ-followers saw themselves in that light? (see Genesis 12:2-3) That’s why my Facebook and Twitter have “blessedkdg” as the handle.

• I am committed to equipping parents to pass on the faith to their children. Everyone talks about it—we need to equip. Research shows that this is the key to upping the odds that a child will hold to the faith once they are out of the house. (See Deuteronomy 6:4-9)

• There’s an app for that–go to (also check out

• The five minutes you give someone may make an eternity of difference.

Facebook: PK’s Facebook page

Twitter handle: @blessedkdg